8 thoughts on “Email – Contato

  1. Lise EBERT

    Hi, Paulo!
    Does your book exist IN ENGLISH? Where can I buy it? Is a personnal message on it is possible?
    Have a nice day!

  2. Elena Nicol

    Hello! I liked your page in facebook and love the photographs, I am sorry I dont speak Portuguese, only English and Spanish… but could you explain what is your page about?
    I did history of art and specialized in Medieval Art, use to lecture and have a lot of photographs if you want some… I see you travel a lot too; do you organize trips? I would love to visit places with people who do know and love the same things 🙂

  3. Maria Alice Quírico

    Gostaria de obter informações sobre esse destino maravilhoso de junho de 2016. É possível?
    Maria Alice


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